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On behalf of the youth of Delano Schools, we would like to introduce you to Youth As Resources (YAR). This program benefits our school, community, and local organizations foster healthy and beneficial relationships. It is a community based program that helps youth design and carry-out service projects. The YAR board distributes and receives applications for grants aiding youth based community service projects, at the board’s discretion. Any youth led initiative is welcome to apply for this grant money. Our YAR board is roughly 3/4 youth (8th - 12th grade students) and 1/4 adults (age 21 and up) from the community, a coordinator (Ryan Hayes), and a host organization (Delano Public Schools).
Another initiative of the YAR board is to foster relationships with area businesses and organizations to help fund future youth led initiatives in the community. YAR board members will be involved in promoting YAR to area groups both for encouraging projects and for financial support.  The program provides youth with valuable life-long skills and creates positive community change.  We have grants available between $50 and $500 dollars. If you are interested in using this money for a project that would better our community please contact the YAR board at (763) 972-3365 ext. 2129.  Or e-mail Ryan Hayes at Ryan.Hayes@delanoschools.org for information!