Preschool Scholarship Assistance

School Readiness Funds make preschool affordable for all families!

Are you looking for a Preschool but tight on funds? 2016-2017 School Readiness funds are available to provide partial payment for the Wee Tiger Preschool program. The funds are available for a child whose family meet the following income guidelines:

Income Guidelines:
Family Size   Gross Annual Income Less Than:     
    2              $29,637
    3              $37,296 
    4              $44,955 
    5              $52,614
    6              $60,273

Pregnant women count as 2.

and: The child was three and one-half years old by September 1, 2016,
and: The child has participated in Early Childhood Health and Developmental Screening (or will participate in ECHDS within 90 days of enrollment),
and: The parent participates in a parent involvement activity,
and: The parents complete the required application form.

For more information and/or an application form, please contact:
Dawn Hilgers
Early Childhood Programs Coordinator
763.972.6210 press 4