Destination ImagiNation


Delano DI Coordinator:
Chris Runke 
Day: 763.972.3365 ext. 1202

Welcome to Delano Destination ImagiNation!!

A worldwide, creative, problem-solving, team competition geared toward helping kids develop a variety of life-skills, while getting hands-on experiences in the following areas:Physics, Technology, Mechanics, Engineering, Theater, Team Dynamics, Strategic-Thinking, Project & Time Management, Goal-Setting, and More!

Teams are challenged to solve a pre-determined problem, by collectively applying their individual talents, skills, abilities, and ideas to present the most creative and unique solution possible. Destination ImagiNation® is one of the world's largest creativity and problem solving programs for youth of all ages, with thousands of participants in 50 US states, 15 countries and Canadian provinces participating annually.

DI Season 2016 - 2017:

Instant Challenge Fair
Saturday, Feb 4 | 9:00a - 12:00p
Delano MS Media Center

DI Pre-State Performance Night
Thursday, Mar 9 | 6:00p 
Delano MS Auditorium 

DI Regionals
Saturday, Mar 25 | all day event
Blaine High School