2016 DI Globals - Results

Community Education would like to welcome back our four Delano Destination Imagination (DI) teams that competed in the 2016 Destination Imagination Global Finals Tournament on the Campus of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Tennessee.  There were over 17,000 attendees at the Finals event this year with over 8,000 students forming 1,464 teams from 20 countries around the world making this the world’s largest celebration of creativity.  Of the 1,464 teams, the Minnesota DI Affiliate sent 58 teams to the Global Finals Tournament this year with many of those teams doing well and finishing with high scores, Delano included!

The four teams that represented the Delano Destination Imagination program at Global Finals this year were: Lil' Group of Einsteins, Minnie SnowDA, Sugar Packets and the Wacky Wild Whimsies.

The Little Group of Einsteins (6th Grade) took 47th place in their challenge, The Meme Event (Community Service) at the Middle Level.  Team members include: Chloe Stolfa, Katherine Baker, Abby Hohenstein, Erin Green, Ella Frake, Isabelle Alipour and Gabby Stoudt.  Team Managers are Dan Stolfa and Brian Frake.

Minnie SnowDa (8th Grade) tied for 23rd place with a team from China.  Minnie SnowDA competed in the In Plain Sight (Scientific) Challenge at the Middle Level.  Team members include: Blithe Zaun, Stephanie McClelland, Emma Lyngby, Charlotte Stolfa and Billy Diem. Team Managers are Sarah Lyngby, John McClelland and  Annette McClelland.

Sugar Packets (9th Grade) took 22nd place in their challenge, Pace of Change (Technical) at the Secondary Level.  Team members include: Annabel Frake, Lily Teig, Gretchen Wuerger and Nicole Pupp.  Team Managers are Kristina Pupp, Brian Frake and Ben Pupp.

Wacky Wild Whimsies (11th Grade) took 27th place in their challenge, The Meme Event (Community Service) at the, Secondary Level.  Team members include: Ally Frake, Stephanie Almquist, Natalie Pupp and Mathea Schafer.  Team Manager - Ben Pupp.

Community Education would again like to congratulate the participants of these four teams for their hard work, determination and creativity that allowed them to make it to Global Finals.  This is an extraordinary accomplishment that was not easily attained.

We hope to see all of our current DI teams back next year for another fun season and hopefully a few new teams as well!